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Even more free publications and mentoring tips will be posted in the near future:

Dr. Mentor's 16 Steps to Effective Mentoring
This document hightlights some of Susan's key strategies and best practices for running a quality school- or site-based mentoring program.

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Strengthening Native Community Commitment Through Mentoring
Initially developed by MCG for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, this guide provides best practices for establishing youth mentoring programs in Native American communities. It covers many of the program essentials found in our Guidebook to Mentoring and tailors them for the specific challenges and circumstances of tribes, reservations, and Native American youth.

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Lessons Learned: Two Decades of School-based Mentoring
This short summary of key points, originally delivered as part of a keynote at the first annual School-based Mentoring Conference in 2003, offers many useful tips for those implementing a school-based model.

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