>> Curriculum Development

A successful mentoring program depends on mentors having the skills and knowledge they need to be effective. Mentor Consulting Group has extensive experience in creating custom training curriculum for volunteer mentors, covering topics such as positive youth development, effective communication techniques, engaging mentoring activities, active listening, building trust with youth, and working with mentees to set and reach goals.

These skills ensure that mentors will connect with youth and help build the positive outcomes your program desires. Our Train-the-Trainer sessions will even coach your own staff in how to deliver the curriculum effectively, as well as how to orient youth and parents into your program.

MCG also has experience developing curriculum for training program staff on the basics of running a quality mentoring program. If you are a government, community, or youth-serving organization looking to train new program coordinators or replicate a proven program, MCG can work with you to devise a comprehensive training curriculum that will ensure consistency in the delivery of services. We have trained over 5,000 mentoring professionals and we can make sure your staff has the tools and knowledge to help your program thrive.